In the fall of 1988 the idea for the Shingletown Library was born. In June of 1994 the doors to the present library opened and the rest is a vivid history of volunteerism at its very best. The Library was conceived by volunteers, built with donations and volunteer labor, and today is staffed entirely with very dedicated volunteers.

The Shingletown Library is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the Library receives NO county or government financial support. The Library depends on donations and fundraisers to cover the operating expenses which include repairs and maintenance of the building, taxes and insurance, electricity and propane for light and heating or cooling, water, sewer and garbage costs, office supplies, postage, telephone and internet services to name just a few. We were fortunate to apply for and receive grants for major costly repairs to the Library that our donations and fundraiser funds could not have afforded such as the new roof, new carpeting, new computer workstations, and most recently bringing our Library into ADA compliance with a new handicap ramp and railing.

The Library is staffed only by all volunteers who receive no pay for their services. The Steering Committee volunteers run the day to day operations of the Library and have many tasks such as book buying, and weeding, training and supervising workers, cataloging books, seasonal decorating, and planning and supervising the Summer Reading Program and other special projects. The Board of Directors, also all volunteers, set policies and decisions for the overall smooth running of the Library.

The Library sits on five acres of beautiful park-like grounds and we are thankful to the Community Service Program which gives us the assistance to maintain our grounds at no cost to the Library. None the less, without those who donate each year as a Friend of the Library, we would not be able to keep our doors open and we appreciate tremendously those who have a love for the library and know that it is a truly wonderful asset to Shingletown and the neighboring communities. This is just a definition of the Shingletown Library. In our next article we will set forth for you the many resources we offer.