As the Shingletown Library begins its Friends of the Library 2019 campaign it is important to know a few facts. First, What is a Friend of the Library? A Friend of the Library is a person(s) who understand the value of a library to its community. Having a library available helps broaden education and expand horizons for all people. It provides a resource for those who have a love of the simple pleasure of reading and learning. If the Shingletown Library did not exist, one would have to drive 35 miles just to fulfill the pleasure of reading. In another situation, if you simply need a document copied or a fax sent, where would you go? Probably down to Redding.

The Shingletown Library is a tremendous resource for not only Shingletown, but also for the surrounding communities. It would be a shame to find it necessary to close its doors due to lack of funding. The Friends of the Library truly allow the Shingletown Library to keep its doors open for all. However, it appears that for many reasons, our Friends of the Library are decreasing in numbers due to death, moving from the area, and a host of other reasons which we may never know. We look to the community for our support and to keep our doors open.

Although we have a dedicated all-volunteer staff, we still must cover the costs of telephone, electricity, repairs and maintenance of the building, taxes and insurance, propane for heating, water, sewer and garbage costs, office supplies, postage, etc. Our fundraisers assist with these costs, but do not cover them entirely. We must, therefore, look to those who truly know the value of our Shingletown Library to supplement and cover these essential expenses to stay in operation. It cannot be said enough that we do NOT receive any county or government support and all of our costs are covered through donations and fundraisers.

It is important to know that we have 2,326 patrons who use our library at no cost, with the exception of a minor use donation for our computer workstations and donations for copies made. Patrons do not pay anything to borrow or use book, movies, and audio books. If only half of our patrons became a Friend of the Library, we would never worry about having to close our doors. You can become a Friend of the Library at whatever amount you can afford to donate. You will soon be receiving our 2019 campaign postcard in the mail. If you do not receive this postcard, please stop by the library and pick one up. We only ask that you consider reviewing it and saying, “Yes, I would like to be a Friend of the Library”.

We hope that you understand the importance of the Shingletown Library and will become a Friend of the Library. You will be able to take pride in the fact that you have supported and helped keep alive one of the most important assets in Shingletown.