Have you considered trying to follow your family tree and find out who your ancestors were? Do you need help knowing where to start and how to search for information? The Shingletown Library has a volunteer who has agreed to help people get started working on their genealogy. She has access to several research sources and lots of experience in using them. She is available by appointment; sign up at the library.

If you would like to take advantage of this free service, please call the Library at 474-1555 and make an appointment. Then, before you see the researcher, make a list of the names of the ancestors you know (perhaps your parents and grandparents) and any birthdates and places, marriage dates and places, and/or death dates and places that you know or can guess at. Bring that list with you when you come for your appointment. The researcher will use what you know to search for both more information and for any verifying documentation she can find on the internet. Copies of any documentation she finds can be made for 50¢ per page.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you, and the Shingletown Library is very grateful to our volunteer researcher for offering her services to our patrons.