Lassen National Park

Just 18 miles east of Shingletown on Highway 44 is the entrance to Lassen National Park. All four types of volcanoes found in the entire world are represented in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Different types of volcanoes found in the park include:

Shield – Prospect Peak
Plug Dome – Lassen Peak
Cinder Cone – Cinder Cone
Composite – Brokeoff Volcano

Lassen National Park

Fishing and Hiking

There’s a lot of beautiful country to see around here and a lot of outdoor recreation to enjoy. If you like hiking or fishing, check out these links:
Lassen National Park – Things to Do
Fly Fishing Hat Creek


Camping, RV Parks and other places to stay

There are many beautiful places to stay in the area, whether you bring a tent, RV or just your suitcase. These are a few…
Shingletown KOA
Hat Creek Resort and RV Park
Lassen National Park
Lassen National Forest
Hat Creek area campgrounds
Grace Lake Resort


Local Wineries

Yes! We make wine in this neck of the woods. Really great wines actually. If you enjoy wine you may want to visit one of our local vinyards:
Alger Vineyards
Anselmo Vineyards
Indian Peak Vineyards
Mount Tehama Winery
Shasta Daisy Vineyard


Shingletown Medical Center

Our local medical center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing decent, affordable medical care to the community.

Shingletown Medical Center

Wild Horse Sanctuary

Located in Manton, the Wild Horse Sanctuary’s mission is to protect and preserve America’s wild horses as a “living national treasure” in a publicly accessible and ecologically balanced environment with other wildlife for future generations.

wild horse sanctuary

Other Information or Points of Interest

These links are to other local web sites or points of interest:
Ridge Rider News
Ogburn-Inwood Cemetery

Shingletown CA

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