Come visit the Shingletown Library before winter sets in! The Shingletown Library offers a wide variety of resources. We have a great selection of videos for you movie watchers. You can check out up to 6 movies at a time at no cost.

If you prefer, we have a huge selection of books including mysteries, dramas, westerns, romances, science fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and many more. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can make a request through the Steering Committee volunteer for the purchase of your special book .

Our Book Shed offers many books you can purchase for a dollar or less, so please check it out when you visit. In addition, we have audio books to listen to during any of your travels. We also offer copying and fax sending services for a minimal cost donation.

If you need to look up something on the internet we have four computer workstations at your disposal for a nominal donation. You may also use one of our iPads at no cost.

So take advantage of the many resources the Library offers. And, by the way, if you are not yet one of those who uses the Library, you only need to request a free Library card and become a patron of the Shingletown Library.